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What We Offer

Downtown Maid offers residential cleaning services as well as short-term rental solutions. We are your one stop shop when it comes to cleaning your home or your rental property. Servicing the Miami Metro and Miami Beach areas, we are conveniently located close to residential and tourist hotspots. Call us now for an estimate!

Residential Cleaning

Cleaning and maid services in the Miami metro area.

Short-term Rental Cleaning

Leave the cleaning of your income property to the professionals!


We only use Eco-friendly, green cleaning products that are safe for your family and home.

Move-in / Move-out cleaning

When you require a little more in-depth cleaning.

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100% Satisfaction

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

You’re safe with us!

Our company is fully insured and our employees are background checked!

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Why Choose Downtown Maid?

  • Our mission is to make you and your family happy and healthy by providing first-class residential cleaning services in the Miami Metro area. Downtown Maid is fully insured and team members are background checked, so you won’t have to worry about letting us into your home.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. If at any time you’re not satisfied with our services, we will try to make it up to you or refund your money!
  • As a relative newcomer in the residential cleaning scene, we will work that much harder to win you over. New and existing clients are equally important to us!
  • Our professional team of cleaners are background checked, fully vetted, trained and tested.


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What our customers say

The cleaner was very nice and thorough and I will definitely use you guys again. Thanks! 🙂


I thought she was incredibly thorough and very pleasant. She took a liking to our cats too. (:  We will definitely be using your services again.


Finding The Best Cleaning Services Miami Has To Offer

Keeping your home from getting dirty may be impossible, but whether you want to leave it that way, depends on you. More often than not, you choose to clean your home yourself. At times, however, you may need help from a professional cleaning service to assist you in achieving the best possible results. And why not splurge a little? You might just find yourself spending a little extra time pampering yourself or your family instead of attending to house cleaning duties. Now, who doesn’t like that?

The new trend in professional cleaning in Miami is green cleaning that focuses on using environment-friendly methods and products in order to provide quality cleaning without all the harmful side effects. This approach is a major shift from traditional cleaning methods that are proven to be unsafe for your family and the environment by giving out toxic through fumes and chemicals.

Companies Offering Green Cleaning and Their Approaches

Several businesses in Miami have recently started offering green cleaning services. Their approach is based on reducing the harmful chemicals’ impact on human health and the environment while ensuring the same level of cleanliness achieved by using those aforementioned chemicals. The Miami Downtown and Brickell areas are home to thousands of upscale apartments that necessitate the presence of efficient, professional cleaning services. These companies utilize biodegradable, earth-friendly cleaning products while minimizing waste; and at the same time are keen on ensuring they use just the right amount of cleaning chemicals to avoid harming the environment and its unique residents. One of these companies is Downtown Maid that offers quality residential cleaning services in the Downtown-Brickell area.

Services Offered:

Residential Cleaning

Homes are meant to be your personal paradises and the joy and happiness in them depends partly on the cleanliness of the space. Dust and dirt can easily take away the comfort your home provides; might even give you allergies and other reactions to the dirt, pollen and who knows what else that can settle on your floor, furniture and other exposed surfaces. Downtown Maid commits itself to ensuring this doesn’t happen to you and your family. It offers green cleaning services using methods and products that ensure your health is not affected either by the dirt or the cleaning products they use. Green cleaning does not compromise the quality of cleaning when the staff gets down to getting your home sparkling and dirt-free again. You are assured of thorough cleanliness accompanied by health-oriented results.

Short-term Rental / AirBnB cleaning

Trust the cleaning and maintenance of your income property to a professional cleaning service. The benefits are countless and the peace of mind it gives you is priceless. Miami and Miami Beach is a hotbed for tourists and young professionals looking for a quick escape which is why short-term rentals are abundant in the area. Cleaning companies on the other hand that adhere to the high standards needed to maintain these valuable rentals aren’t. That’s why Downtown Maid offers a 360º rental service, including, but not limited to cleaning, laundering, stocking up supplies and maintaining an overall high standard.

After Construction Cleaning

In the Miami Metro area construction seem to be an ongoing experience. But when an apartment is finally completed, what it needs to get the place into a human-friendly environment is that last by Downtown Maid. After construction cleaning is aimed at ensuring that the occupants of the newly constructed apartment are not faced with the tedious task of cleaning up after the construction crew, instead they can simply and comfortably move in into their shiny new home. If a family is moving into a newly constructed building, they ought to find it as habitable as any other home and thus the commitment by this company to providing high-quality cleaning services.

Move in or Move Out Cleaning

The hustle of moving is bad enough even without dealing with the dreary task of cleaning your old or new home. Whether you are moving into or out of an apartment, you need to do some cleaning to make it the home you and others deserve. Green cleaning services offered by Downtown Maid will ensure that you get used to the new place as quickly as possible. Getting rid of the dust and dirt that may be in the home you are moving in may be too much work for you but not for the cleaning experts who will spend ample time in ensuring they leave you in a sparkling clean home. When moving out, clutter is bound to be left all over, and you will need cleaning services to ensure you leave behind none of that to the next occupant (or your angry landlord).

Advantages of using Downtown Maid’s Eco-friendly Cleaning Approach

Green cleaning is not just about using environmentally friendly methods and products but a complicated process that relies on the mindset of the cleaner. The eco-friendly nature of services at this company sets it apart from competitors. From your family to the personnel cleaning and the environment, care is taken to minimize adverse impacts of the whole cleaning process. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of the environment and so when you choose green cleaning services, you would have played your part in saving the planet. Well, in baby steps, but it still counts 🙂

Satisfaction guaranteed

Do you ever worry about paying for services that don’t meet your expectations? At Downtown Maid, this should never worry you because your satisfaction is guaranteed. The quality of services offered focuses on ensuring you receive the best for what you pay. However, if you find the services are not up to your expectations, the company offers to refund your money. The policy means that you get the best no matter what. Downtown Maid in Miami is a relatively young, upcoming company bent at building its customer base and how you feel about their services is taken into the utmost consideration.

Daily Availability

The company offers services every day of the week and thus allows the client to choose a day and time that best suits them. Whether you want it on the weekend or at the end of the month, you can get what you need. This availability also means that you can access the services on a regular basis if you need maintenance of the clean and healthy house.


When you choose this company, issues related to security are taken out of the picture. The company ensures that the personnel you let into your home are trustworthy individuals by the thorough background checks done on them. It is, additionally, a fully insured and bonded company. The staff is trained to provide the services in a friendly way, and clients who have used their services have commented positively on it. With security assured, you can comfortably leave the house to them for cleaning so that you can attend to whatever things you need to.

How to Get the Services

You can access the green cleaning services from the comfort of your home or wherever you are through the online booking platform. It allows you to schedule the cleaning to the best time possible and reschedule in case something comes up. You can also cancel the booking. This flexibility allows you to get the services at the most convenient time possible and fit them into your plans. Provided you are in the Miami Downtown and Brickell area you can contact the company any time to meet your cleaning needs.

Go Ahead And Get The Best Green Cleaning.

Many companies, both recent and old have proved to offer excellent services but when you go in to choose, getting services that best suit your needs should guide you. Downtown Maid is just the company that ensures you are best served. Their mission of ensuring your family is happy and healthy drives this superiority. So go ahead and book yourself a green cleaning service for your lovely home and experience a service beyond your expectations.