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13 Ways To Green Your Home

Toxins in food and household chemicals can negatively effect our health. It is becoming common knowledge that buying organic, non-processed food can be one important step towards taking care of our bodies. However, it isn’t only important what goes into your body, but the chemicals and other toxins in your home can also have a harmful effect on your health.

The reduction of harmful chemicals in your home is vital to keep you and your family healthy. There are many ways to detox your household to promote a clean, healthy living environment. 

Here are 13 easy things that you can start doing now to Green Clean your home:

1. Ditch the Plastic

Wrapping food in plastic and using microwave food in plastic containers are actually quite dangerous. The Phthalates and BPA in certain products have been linked to cancer. It’s also important to stay away from plastic baby bottles as well as teething products that contain plastic as they can lead to developmental issues. 

2. Steer Clear of Fragrant Products

While getting rid of plastic items in your household, investing in fragrance-free products is also a wise decision. With thousands of unknown chemicals going into the creation of perfumes and air fresheners, you are at high risk for carcinogens as well as endocrine disruptors.

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3. Kick Off Your Shoes

People go in and out every day from their homes and that can lead to all sorts of unwelcome visitors. Dirt, pesticides, and a wide variety of other germs can be tracked in the house. Which leads to my next point:

4. Floor Mats are your family’s friend

After you take your shoes off before entering the house, create a particular place for you and your family to put them until you’re all ready to go out again. Having a floor mat near the entrance will be practical and convenient. 

5. Breathe the fresh air

Studies have shown that the inside air is five times more polluted that the air outside. Breathing the same air day in and day out means that you’re breathing in stale air. Opening windows and considering replacing wall-to-wall carpeting would be of great benefit for fresh air flow. Also, carpets are extremely prone to all sorts of harmful toxins such as dust and dust mites. 

6. Don’t be afraid to ask your Dry Cleaner

When using a dry cleaner, be sure to request that they do not use plastic wraps for your clothing. The plastic can trap the chemicals that lead to illness. If at all possible, try to allow your laundry to dry naturally outside as it promotes better quality for you and the environment. 

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7. Throw out Vinyl Shower Curtains

While going through your home, remember that certain products contain BPA that we spoke of earlier. Vinyl Shower Curtains are one of those products as well as the shower liners. Instead, look for shower curtains and liners that are made with linen, cotton, and other safe, as well as, natural materials. 

8. Buy Eco-Friendly Products

While shopping for your cleaning products, make sure that they are labeled eco-friendly. Some products on the market available are Seventh Generation, Dr. Bronner’s, and Mrs. Meyer’s. We also love the relatively new-comer Branch Basics.

9. DIY Green Cleaning

By using ingredients that are in your home, you can clean the entire house without the worry. Using such common household items as Distilled White Vinegar and Baking Soda, you can clean your entire house. Peroxide can even take care of hard to remove stains!

10. Keep Green Plants

Green plants are beautiful to look at but they offer other benefits that go beyond the aesthetics. By keeping plants in your home, the air quality will dramatically improve since plants are natural detoxifiers.

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11. Routinely Vacuum Your Floor

If you have carpet throughout your home, make sure that you use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. By maintaining a consistent cleaning of your carpet, the HEPA-filter can trap the dangerous allergens and dust.

12. Dangers of Teflon

The cookware in your home is, no doubt, used on a regular basis. Non-stick cookware contains harmful chemicals which are perfluorinated, also known as PFC’s. Make sure that you stay away from Teflon materials as they’re well known to cause cancer. Stick with cast-iron, glass, copper or stainless steel.

13. Filter the Water

Water is important to sustain life and drinking from the tap is not as safe as one would think. In reality, there are over 700 chemicals in regular tap water. When you and your family invest in a filter, you will find that the water is actually even better than bottled water from the store!

Got any other green tips? Leave them in the comments below. Thank You for reading.

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