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7 Things Your Professional House Cleaner Will Thank You For

Updated: 12/11/2019

If you’re reading this article, chances are you like to have your house professionally cleaned regularly, or perhaps just once in a while. Hiring a professional cleaner is a great way not only to get the work properly done but also to save you time and money. But if you were to read on https://www.robotvacuumer.com/best-robot-mops/ about robotic vacuums, you mayhap might change your mind about time and money saved. Often times, the quality of professional cleaning you get to enjoy depends in part on how well you have prepared for the cleaner to do their work.

Below are a few things that your professional cleaner wishes you knew, from our friends at https://stuffedabode.com – and the things that help them do the best possible job. Doing these few minor things will ensure that you get the best service from your cleaners.

Removing the clutter

Clutter makes the cleaners’ job infinitely harder and more time-consuming. The time and energy that would otherwise be spent with cleaning is spent with organizing your stuff and removing things from the surfaces that need dusting or wiping. You can help make the cleaning more thorough by picking up gadgets, toys, valuable documents, clothing and so forth and putting them in their rightful place.

Think about your pets

While our cleaners are pet-friendly, keep in mind that your pets may not be happy to see an uninvited visitor in their space. Therefore it is important to ensure that your pets are in such place that they don’t interfere with the cleaning. Aggressive pets might expose the cleaner to danger, also hindering the cleaning from being properly done.

Instructions matter – a lot

Whenever you call a professional cleaner, they need to know what exactly is expected from them. While we do have a cleaning checklist available to our customers and cleaners alike, in some instances a bit of customization can be done to the basics. Giving clear instructions not only ensures that the cleaners come ready but also that they focus on just what is most important to each customer. Is it the bathroom that needs more thorough work or the kitchen and dining? If you don’t know what exactly it is that you want the cleaner to do, we will be happy to arrange for a site visit and assessment to ascertain the kind of cleaning necessary.

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Allow for enough cleaning time

Allocating proper amount of time ensures that the cleaner will do a thorough job. We do estimate the time each cleaning requires, so please do your best to be on time for your appointment or allow access to your home for the predetermined time frame.

Offer something; a snack, water

Offering some water or a snack is always a nice gesture. I’m sure we agree: cleaning is a hard work! The cleaners will surely appreciate your effort to make their job just a tad more pleasant.

Ensure the cleaner can access the areas that need cleaning

If, by any chance you are away during the home cleaning, it is important to ensure that the cleaners have a proper access to your home or premise. You may need to have the home security turned off or have instructions for access communicated clearly ahead of time.

Put away the valuables

Accidents happen. Make sure that your valuables are kept in a safe place to ensure that there is no chance of them being damaged during the cleaning. This protects you and the cleaner alike. If things are properly stowed away, there can be no misunderstandings when something is found damaged.

You aren’t completely off the hook

Hiring a professional cleaner doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do a little bit of cleaning here and there. In fact, there are some tasks that cannot be delegated to the professional cleaner because of their nature. Professional cleaners also have a limit to the things they can do. Cleaning companies don’t expect their personnel to handle waste above the levels of standard cleaning unless discussed beforehand.

Be on the lookout for the next article in the series where we’ll give you a checklist of tasks you can do to maintain the cleanliness of your home between professional visits.