Fall Cleaning Tips From Donwtown Maid Miami

The Great Fall Cleaning You Didn’t Know You Needed

Let’s face it, the long, balmy summer days are over and you’ll be spending a lot of your precious time indoors, in your cramped apartment! So why not make it a little less cramped by throwing away stuff?

Yes, you heard that right; you’ll need to get rid of some unwanted, never or barely ever-used stuff you’ve been accumulating in your Zen-den. And we are here to tell you where to look for these pesky little items and why you need to get rid of them.

Let’s start with the old and dirty:

  1. Dirty old shoes: because you just never got around to cleaning those muddy old shoes. How is that possible? No one knows…But you’d better let them go. Just take them outside to the dumpster, someone might just find and use them
  1. Old shower curtain: yes, we all have those, just hanging around (in our bathrooms, of all places. Go figure). Do yourself a favor, and get a new one for the price of a green juice that you buy on whims on any given day.
  1. Cartoon boxes. ‘Cause you never know, might just need to move soon’. Which of course you never do, because to move with all this stuff, would be such a pain in the buttocks.
  1. Old pillows and throws that you keep in case your family and friends decide to visit. Which they might, once a year or two or three…or never. Unless you live in Miami, where, let’s admit it, friends and family do tend to visit as soon as the weather gets cold up North. Anyways, just throw them away; they take up way too much space.



Personal belongings. Boy, it’s hard to get rid of your old clothing items and the memories that go along with them. But eventually the time has to come to say goodbye to

  1. Those socks with no better halves. Really, are you going to make that stuffed snake for your kids out of old socks? Yeah, I didn’t think so.
  1. Old belts: we all have them in XS sizes that fit us back in high school. Ha-ha, like you’re going to wear it to your reunion? Not likely, so just toss them!
  1. Baseball hats? Why so many, please get rid of a few, you’ll still have plenty left in your closet to wear on game day.
  1. Hair ties and hair bands! Again, why so many???a-basket-of-fashion-accessories-of-woman

Not even going to go into the obvious, old clothes. Or not so old, but as soon as you have them in your closet you just never find the opportune time to wear them, kind of cloths? We all have them, so just shove them into garbage bag to take to a donation place. Easy enough! Rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn something in one year, you’re not likely to ever wear it again.

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