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4 Green Cleaning Recipes That Take Only Minutes to Prepare

Looking for green cleaning recipes that are easy? Here you go:

 All-purpose borax spray

Does half of your house look dirty and nasty? If that, this borax solution can really help you.

Borax is a natural substance that has cleaning properties. It has the ability to turn water molecules into hydrogen peroxide, and so, a borax solution can act as a cleaner in almost any situation. Borax can even act as a pest killer and a disinfectant.

In order to make this spray, combine half teaspoon of borax with a quarter cup of vinegar. Mix four cups of hot water with the combination and put everything inside a spray bottle for later use.

Eco friendly cleaning recipes

Vinegar floor cleaner

While it is possible to clean almost everything using plain vinegar, the pungent smell of the liquid may make things hard for you. Instead of using vinegar directly to clean your floor or some other area, mix four hot water cups and two tablespoons of white vinegar together. Then, put little grapefruit seed extract and lavender oil to the mixture. Lavender and grapefruit will make your vinegar solution smell lovely, and you will no longer feel like abandoning your house after an intense cleaning session.

vinegar floor cleaner

Washing soda detergent

In case you feel really concerned about the environment, you can make your own detergent that is green. This applies if you simply feel like a cheapo, too, because preparing this detergent is quite inexpensive. To proceed, mix two washing soda cups with two borax cups. After that, just let your dishwasher do what it does best! In case your cleaning water is hard, be sure to be a bit more generous while adding washing soda. If you skipped high school or have a really bad memory, washing soda is nothing but another name for sodium bicarbonate.

baking soda

Baking soda sink scrub

It is no surprise that your sink gets real stinky sometimes. Do not be ashamed of it, everyone has those days! The good news is, there is a nice solution – you can make your own scrub to keep your sink clean. Well, that is, as long as you do not feel like a slob and are happy to live in the garbage can that you call your house.

Take one cup of baking soda, a bit of dish soap, two tablespoons of salt and little lemon juice, and mix everything together. Then, take a scrub and get to work!

All of the above recipes are simple to make and use. So, you can stop being gross now!