Beach Cleaning Day Miami Downtown Maid

Turn Your Climate-saving Passion into Quick Action

Besides what you probably already are doing, (recycling, buying sustainably produced food, conserving energy, etc.,) try also doing some of the dirty work and volunteer with a local organization!

Just to show how easy it is, this past weekend Downtown Maid teamed up with the “Puffers” as they call themselves, a local dragon boat team and went around the basin surrounding the Marine stadium in Miami to help them with their yearly clean up effort.  It was a typical summer morning with beautiful clouds gathering above Brickell.

Brickell Miami Skyline

Puffers & Downtown Maid – Beach Cleanup Day – Brickell Miami Skyline


What you don’t see on this picture is the enormous amount of garbage we have collected and suspecting there are still massive amounts that we didn’t. Take a look at the below image to see just how much trash 20 of us picked up in about two hours! And let me tell you, this could have been a lot more if it wasn’t for those pesky little mosquitoes!!!

Bags of Garbage Collected by Puff and Downtown Maid Team

20 people picked this much garbage in about two hours

Yes, some of us went out on foot while others took the dragon boat across the basin to find what was in plain sight.

Puff Dragon Boat Racing Team

Puff Dragon Boat Racing Team Miami

Everywhere you look trash: soda bottles, beer cans, empty chips bags,; anything and everything you can imagine, some I won’t even mention here!

So there were the beer cans:

Beer Cans on Beach


And even some of these…

Tire on Beach

Be part of something global!

Now you might wonder how to participate in a clean up like this? While the simplest way is to go out on your own if you really feel like doing something right away, but you can also look up local groups and international organizations, such as that are organizing clean ups in your neighborhood and worldwide.

If you’re really up for some good old-fashioned trash collecting, save the date on September 16th, 2017.  Have a look at this map, it shows all the participating locations around the world; and yup, Miami is included. map

Imagine if 20 of us have collected about 30 large bags of garbage, how much will be gathered by this many participants? Well, there are some historical data Ocean Conservancy provides on their website.  Last year, for example, over 18 million pounds of trash was picked up around 25,000 miles of coast line by over 791 thousand volunteers!  If you are ready to join, Surf Rider Miami for details on how to participate!

Three things you might find at your next beach clean up gathering:


1. You will become more aware of your lifestyle choices 

As in how much you personally contribute to the huge amount of trash humanity produces! Just look at the simple things such as plastic straws. You’ll find a ton of those when doing a beach cleanup. Are they really necessary, you may ask yourself? Using plastic bags by the dozen when you shop for groceries? Why not take a reusable bag with you? Just a few little tweaks to your weekday routines can make a huge difference!

2. Save marine life

Whether you’re a fan of sharks, manatees, you name it – they deserve our attention!  Even jellyfish have their place in our eco-systems and they desperately need protection.

3. Meet like-minded locals

Aka, socializing made easy. Yeah, kind of dirty too, but it’s all for the good cause. So go ahead, look up a local trash collecting group and start picking up some garbage while chatting up your neighbors. Because being part of a community while doing something useful makes everyone’s day just a bit brighter.  And our oceans cleaner!

Feel like joining in?

Want to know more about the awesome dragon boat team Puff? Come out to paddle with them on a Sunday morning. Visit to sign up for a beginner dragon boat practice and enjoy the view while getting a great workout!

Or if you want to join Downtown Maid in their next cleanup project, drop us a line or contact us via Facebook. We will certainly be out on Sept 16th participating in the above mentioned global coastal cleanup organized by


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