eco cleaning

More green living tips!

Did you know that most traditional cleaning products on the market are made of petroleum? Petroleum, in addition to being harmful to the environment and to your lovely self, is a non-renewable source of energy. That is why we, at Downtown Maid, advocate the use of cleaning materials that play nice with the environment. So why use harmful chemicals when there are plenty of safe alternatives. How can you ensure that you’re living in a clean and healthy home?

Air your home! In addition to using safe cleaning products, be sure to frequently air your home. Air quality inside your home can be a lot worse than the outside air. Partly because of construction materials, paint, etc. used in your home, partly because of cleaning products you use. Did you ever get a headache after cleaning your bathroom? Than you know what I mean. Also, you should frequently change the filter in your air-conditioner to make sure you don’t recycle the dust collected there.

Take your dirty shoes off! Would you want to sit down, or even worse, have your little kids sit and play on the streets? Because the dirt and filth from the streets is what ultimately gets dragged into your home by not leaving your shoes at the door.

Use green cleaning products! Like I said, non-toxic cleaners make all the difference in your home and for the environment. If you’re not into buying eco-friendly cleaning products, as they can be a bit pricier, try making your own mixing vinegar and baking soda. See following post about how to use them. Baking soda is also a great odor-eliminator, just shove it in your fridge or sprinkle some on your carpet (hello dog smell) and vacuum it up for an instant refresher.