4 Green Cleaning Recipes That Take Only Minutes to Prepare

Looking for green cleaning recipes that are easy? Here you go:

 All-purpose borax spray

Does half of your house look dirty and nasty? If that, this borax solution can really help you.

Borax is a natural substance that has cleaning properties. It has the ability to turn water molecules into hydrogen peroxide, and so, a borax solution can act as a cleaner in almost any situation. Borax can even act as a pest killer and a disinfectant.

In order to make this spray, combine half teaspoon of borax with a quarter cup of vinegar. Mix four cups of hot water with the combination and put everything inside a spray bottle for later use.

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7 MORE Ways to Use Baking Soda Around the House

At Downtown Maid, we’re passionate about green cleaning and are always looking for new ways of how we can safely and effectively clean your home. What can I say: we love baking soda! It has so many uses around the house that we can’t even begin to list them all. Below are seven of our favorite ways to use baking soda around the house.

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7 Ways to Use Baking Soda to Clean Your Home

When it comes to green cleaning, you don’t have to pay a ton of money to find ways to safely and effectively clean your home. In fact, you don’t have to look any further than baking soda for a cheap, easy, and effective way to clean your home without harsh chemicals.

At Downtown Maid, we love baking soda for all of these reasons and more. Read more