Cleaning in Allergy Season: How to Reduce Allergy Triggers

Updated: 12/11/2019

Allergies have become as synonymous with the warm months of spring and summer as lemonade and swimming pools. What was once a slight, but temporary annoyance has grown to become a global health concern according to the World Allergy Organization. Heightened global temperatures and carbon dioxide levels have eroded air quality and increased pollen production by plants as well as the proteins within pollen that act as the allergy-causing agent.

These changes have lengthened allergy season by as much as 27 days and have amped the intensity of reported symptoms.

Managing allergies is now an essential component to any cleaning plan for home or office. A strategy to identify, reduce and remove will allow home and business owners to maintain the health and comfort of victors and occupants.  Read more

The Magic of Vinegar – 6 Simple Household Uses Other Then Cleaning

Most people realize that vinegar have a great number of household uses. Plain, store-bought vinegar often does a better job at cleaning your bathroom or kitchen than harsh chemical cleaners that have been developed specifically for these purposes. This is especially good news for the thrifty homeowner because vinegar is cheap, readily-available, and has hundreds of potential uses around your home.

Here are some of our favorite uses, other than cleaning, for vinegar around the home:

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The Great Fall Cleaning You Didn’t Know You Needed

Let’s face it, the long, balmy summer days are over and you’ll be spending a lot of your precious time indoors, in your cramped apartment! So why not make it a little less cramped by throwing away stuff?

Yes, you heard that right; you’ll need to get rid of some unwanted, never or barely ever-used stuff you’ve been accumulating in your Zen-den. And we are here to tell you where to look for these pesky little items and why you need to get rid of them.

Let’s start with the old and dirty:

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