4 Green Cleaning Recipes That Take Only Minutes to Prepare

Looking for green cleaning recipes that are easy? Here you go:

 All-purpose borax spray

Does half of your house look dirty and nasty? If that, this borax solution can really help you.

Borax is a natural substance that has cleaning properties. It has the ability to turn water molecules into hydrogen peroxide, and so, a borax solution can act as a cleaner in almost any situation. Borax can even act as a pest killer and a disinfectant.

In order to make this spray, combine half teaspoon of borax with a quarter cup of vinegar. Mix four cups of hot water with the combination and put everything inside a spray bottle for later use.

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6 Green Cleaning Hacks That Simply Works

Updated: 12/11/2019

You want your home to be as clean as possible, but if you’re like most people, you think the only way to accomplish that is to use harsh cleaning chemicals. However, while those harsh chemicals may get the job done, they can also be harmful to you, your children, and your pets.

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The Magic of Vinegar – 6 Simple Household Uses Other Then Cleaning

Most people realize that vinegar have a great number of household uses. Plain, store-bought vinegar often does a better job at cleaning your bathroom or kitchen than harsh chemical cleaners that have been developed specifically for these purposes. This is especially good news for the thrifty homeowner because vinegar is cheap, readily-available, and has hundreds of potential uses around your home.

Here are some of our favorite uses, other than cleaning, for vinegar around the home:

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